Moving forward

Creating a prototype is simply for you to evaluate ScreenSteps so you and your team can know whether it will meet your needs (and impress your customers and co-workers). During the process of creating a prototype, you worked with a lot of the main features that set ScreenSteps apart from other knowledge base systems.

What should you consider when purchasing?

Many of our customers prefer ScreenSteps over other solutions when their organization is experiencing one  or more of these 4 scenarios:

  1. Need to make a lot of visual documentation
  2. Need to update the documentation on a regular basis (3 times a year or more)
  3. Need to collaborate with a team
  4. Need to fill up a help desk knowledge base

There simply isn't another content management system that works with images the same way ScreenSteps does. So if you need to create a lot of content, update and manage it, work with a team of documenters, and/or fill up a web-based knowledge base, ScreenSteps can help you do it.



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