Annotate your screenshots

One of the best things about ScreenSteps is that you can annotate your images right within the editor - it saves so much time when you can make edits (and later modify them) without having to use another app.

Click on the image and choose an annotation

After you click on the image you want to annotate, you'll notice an annotation bar appears at the top of the ScreenSteps editor. Select the annotation you want to use.

Click and drag

Some of the annotations will just work by clicking on the image - others (like the circle and arrow) require you to click and drag on the image to draw them.

Try them all out

Try them all out

Select different annotations and try them out on your images:

  • Arrow
  • Square (to outline something)
  • Circle
  • Highlight
  • Sequence
  • Text
  • Blur (to cover sensitive information)

You don't need to go crazy with them, but don't be shy either. Point to the buttons that need to be clicked. Circle the fields that need data. Use annotations to make your documentation crystal clear.

Customize your annotations

Customize your annotations

When you click on an annotation, you have the option to change them up a bit. You can change the color, the type, the size, etc. Have them match your branded colors so you have consistency in your marketing materials and your support materials.


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