Make your manual visible to public

ScreenSteps does not automatically publish your articles to the web. The reason is, we don't want you to accidentally let your unfinished documentation make an unwanted appearance in your knowledge base. So, we have to make the manual visible to the public.

Click on "Make Manual Visible to Public"

Click on "Make Manual Visible to Public"

Click on the gear icon and select the option to make the manual visible to public.

 Show Manual, Chapters And Articles

 Show Manual, Chapters And Articles

In this case, we'll just want to show everything in the manual - so  click "Show Manual, Chapters and Articles"

Check out your manual online

Your documentation site is starting to come together pretty nicely. It has your logo, nice colors, a manual, some chapters, and a few articles. Although it doesn't have any content (that comes next), it's got the structure of a table of contents.

Note: Remember, your site can be found by going to [your_account_name] and clicking on the site name. This is a different view than what you see in the web admin portal - this view is what your readers will see.


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