Basic setup of ScreenSteps

Before we jump into creating the prototype, let's cover the basic components of ScreenSteps:

  • Desktop client (for authoring and organizing content)
  • Web Admin (to manage users and add cusomizations)
  • Web view (what readers will see)

I'll just briefly cover them.

Desktop client (for authoring and organizing content)

Desktop client (for authoring and organizing content)

ScreenSteps is a cloud application that has a desktop component (we call the desktop client) that you will want to download.

The main purpose of the desktop client is for writing documentation that incorporates a lot of screenshots. It has some great features that make the process of taking, annotating, and updating screenshots much faster than if you were to just use a web app. You will also use the Desktop client to customize your PDF guides.

Web Admin (to manage users, modify settings, etc.)

Web Admin (to manage users, modify settings, etc.)

Your ScreenSteps account also comes with a web admin portal. This is mainly for managing who can author documentation and who can read your documentation.

You will also customize the look of your ScreenSteps online knowledge base and manage any integrations with 3rd party services in the Web Admin portal.

Web View (what readers will see)

Every ScreenSteps account comes with a website for hosting your documentation. This gives you added flexibility for sharing your guides with customers and clients in a way that suits their needs.

ScreenSteps automatically organizes your online knowledge base into a table of contents, which consists of manuals, chapters, and manuals. In the image above, you can see the table of contents - if you click on one of the articles (e.g. "Create a user account") it will open up a web page (i.e. article) that has your step-by-step instructions.

If you don't want your documentation to be online, you don't have to use this component. But it comes with every account regardless.


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