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This is an article in ScreenSteps, and has example content that is meant to help you learn best practices (in our opinion) for writing documentation and organizing it into a knowledge base.

You can delete this article, or you can modify it by deleting the steps, changing the text, or replacing the images with your own content.

1. Write a good title for your article.

Instead of writing a vague title, such as, "Accounts," answer a question - and make the answer very specific.

"How to use the accounts screen" isn't specific enough - a better title would be, "How to create an account." It also helps to write articles that are focused on helping readers accomplish a task (because that's what they're trying to do) instead of just explaining a feature.

Write a good title for your article.

2. How many steps go into an article?

The appropriate length of an article will vary, but we recommend between 5 and 10 steps. Obviously there will be exceptions, and there are times you will need to write a much lengthier article - but if your subject line is specific enough, the article length probably won't be too long.

If your articles are too long, you risk customers checking out and not reading the entire article (TL;DR). You also risk answering too many questions in one article, which may prevent customers from being able to find an answer, and prevent you from being able to send out a link to a specific answer via email or social media.

3. How is documentation organized in ScreenSteps?

ScreenSteps is organized with the following hierarchy:

  • Dividers - Contain one or more manuals
  • Manuals - Contain one or more chapters
  • Chapters - Contain one or more articles
  • Articles - Contain one or more steps
  • Steps - Contain a heading, paragraph text, and/or images

When you open up a ScreenSteps knowledge base, you will see a site divider and manuals. Click on a manual, and you will be presented with a table of contents, which will include the manual title, the chapter title, and the article titles. Click on an article title, and you will see all of the steps.

4. How do I take a screenshot?

Each step has a place for a heading, paragraph text, and an image. The image can be a graphic, screenshot, image file, or HTML code (for embedding video).

To take a screenshot, use any of the options here >> how to take a screenshot.

5. How do I replace an image?

Easy - when you click on a step, there will be an icon underneath the image that looks like a circle with an arrow. Click on that and you can replace the image with another.

How do I replace an image?

6. Get started!

Create a new article, or use one that's already been created, and follow these 5 steps:

  1. Write a good title
  2. Take (or replace) a screenshot for each step of the process when applicable
  3. Annotate your images
  4. Add a header for each step
  5. Add paragraph text

When you're done, click "Check in and publish" and then view the article in your ScreenSteps knowledge base.


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