How to begin and record the webinar

This is an example article. It is intended to offer an example of what you can put in each step, and meant to help guide you to create your own article in ScreenSteps.

1. Click on Create Template

When you first login, you will see the Campaigns link at the top. Click on it.

Click on Create Template

2. Click on Create Template

To create a new template, click on "Create Template"

Click on Create Template

3. Select your campaign

Choose the type of campaign you'd like to send by clicking on Select.

Select your campaign

4. Select the list to which you'd like to send the campaign

After you select the list, click "Next."

5. Fill out the Campaign Info

You'll need to fill out all of the fields and click Next

6. Write out your message

After you write your message, click Next >

7. Click Send


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